Sterilization protocols are followed namely GLASS BID sterilization ULTRAVIOLET sterilization HOT AIR Oven & AUTOCLAVE.

As a patient you should have the complete right to know what goes into strict standard.

    Sterilization can be broadly divided into :

  • Physical methods
  • Chemical methods

Physical methods are mostly used in the form of autoclave glass bid sterilizer, ultraviolet sterilization Hot air oven. In order to achieve thorough sterilization certain chemicals are also used as precursor to mechanical sterilization.

An overview of our sterilization is mentioned in a step wise manner :

Traffic control :Controlled access to the sterilization areas minimizes the potential of microorganisms between contaminated items, patients & staff. Access is off limit to any one not involved in the sterilization process.

Instrument cleaning :Contaminated or used instruments are taken to the area of sterilization with duty puncture resistant gloves while handling all potentially contaminable instruments. Contaminable & disposable items are placed in separate bags with solution of sodium hypochlorite.

Processing :All inspecting sorting wrapping & packaging of contaminated instruments are done.

Sterilization:There is adequate space for sterilization both for chemical & physical methods,sterile storage area. The adjoining area is is also aseptically mentioned.
             Pre-sterilization process.
             Inspection & sorting of instruments.         

After drying all item are closely checked for wear & breakage, then arranged according to sets & packs. This is the area where instruments are sorted before wrapping & packing.

Wrapping & Packing : This is the last step before sterilization instruments are wrapped as per requirement then the final step of sterilization.

Instruments go for different modes of sterilization.

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